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About Synkro XY

Synkro XY is the reproductive hormone products line from Proagro lab.

This line includes products for estrus synchronization in bovine cattle, in order to prepare animals for the FTAI (fixed-time artificial insemination) technique, acknowledged for its low cost and excellent pregnancy rates.

All Synkro XY products are made in Proagro’s facilities, in an area exclusively intended and equipped for the manufacture of products containing hormones, according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) international regulations.

One of the outstanding products of the Synkro XY line is the intravaginal device Procrear Synkro XY, for use in bovine reproduction. Its striated design helps the diffusion of the hormone, and is available in 0.5 g and 1 g, the latter for double use, recommended for use in milking facilities.

  • Complete line

    The following products complete the whole line:

    D+Cloprostenol Sodium
    Estradiol Cypionate
    Estradiol Benzoate
    Buserelin Acetate
    2 different kinds of inserters, one for heifers and another one for cows.

  • Main features of the Synkro XY line

  • Advantages of using AIFT

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